The amazing new Four-Seater 200cc Go-Kart is what you’ve been looking for on all your adventures! Take the kids out for an adventure, or get lost exploring with 3 of your friends.

This 4-Seater Go-Kart is driven by a single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled 200cc which ensures excellent and reliable power needed for recreational use. It is no surprise this go-kart is our most popular for adventure rides. The frame of this rugged wonder was made with lightweight and high strength steel, which makes it rigid and durable. This model was designed to be started electrically with the use of a button/key. Two keys included! This makes it not only quicker, faster and easier to understand, but also offers great convenience to the rider in case of any stall.

CVT automatic transmission with front, neutral and reverse modes ensures it is easy to use, convenient in any traffic condition and provides better acceleration and deceleration.

With dual suspension, a wonderful, enjoyable and smoother ride is guaranteed as it also facilitate improved handling and braking. Coupled with the 21”/22” big wheels fitted in this vehicle, it also protects the rider and passengers from road induced bumps when ridden off-road or on bumpy roads.

One of the many safety values is the use of front and rear disc brakes fitted in this model ensures advanced braking. There is assurance of a quick and steady deceleration when brake is applied.

The DF200GKE has four separate seats, which enables you carry 3 friends, family or others. Enjoy a wonderful family or group ride in heavily padded and beautiful individual seating that were designed to be adjustable separately and having everyone comfortable. Another safety feature is also the use of 3-point safety belt, which provides more protection than a standard safety belt.

The rear luggage rack helps in conveying additional luggages in cases where it is needed. Along with the bright and long lasting head and taillights, this 4-Seater Go-Kart is fitted with 3 top running lights which ensures good vision all around the go kart.