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This is the scooter for first time scooter buyers who are looking to save gas money by starting to ride a scooter instead of using their car.

With a max speed of 31 MPH it's a little faster than other 50cc scooters which does take a little from the max MPG you'll get. 

While the Bahama is not loaded with features, it does come with simple features like front ABS disc brakes (drum brakes on the rear wheel), two starting systems (electric start and kick start), the emergency shut off feature (enables with one press of button a quick shut down of the engine), a fully automatic transmission (which is operated by the simple to use 'twist & go' throttle acceleration), and a large storage compartment located underneath the seat.

This scooter is very easy to ride, and is a great choice for anyone who has never ridden a scooter or a motorcycle before.

BAHAMA - 50cc

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