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The ALL NEW 250cc Falcon Sport Full Size Motorcycle is a sleek, stylish, Ninja style street motorcycle. Most popular for its sporty look and extravagant sport design, this Falcon Motorcycle is full size and will be turning heads as you drive with the sleek LED strip headlights.


Built with a 250cc Engine which features a compact, water-cooled, 4-stroke, and single cylinder engine, the Falcon provides the force needed to achieve desired speed at minimal fuel consumption. The engine is started by a simple push of a starter button which makes the Automatic Motorcycle even more convenient. A high capacity starter motor and high output battery ensures a reliable start in any situation the rider might face.


Coupled with the fast engine, the GY6 250cc engine & Automatic transmission makes it very easy for beginner and pro bikers to have complete control of the bike in all situations. The bike is fitted with high quality twin telescopic sport suspension, which are not only strong and durable, but also keeps the rider shielded from bumps while riding on rough roads, off-road, or on elevated roads.


Front and rear duel hydraulic disc brakes used in the Falcon is one of the many safety features that was employed while designing the motorcycle. It ensures quick deceleration and it also provides better stopping performance when the brake is applied at high and low speeds. The Falcon is built with a High-Tensile Steel Frame to not only build a high quality body, but also keeps the motorcycle fully stable at high speeds with fast winds. The 17” strong, alloy large wheels were built to travel around your city and take it on the freeway for a long cruising journey!


The beautiful motorcycle grants an upright sitting position that is even more comfortable for the rider. In addition, it guarantees riders a better handling bike. It also has a large gas tank that can contain up to 3.96 gallons. With the upgraded fuel filter and carburator, it allows the Falcon to get 62 Miles to the Gallon which makes it one of the most fuel efficient full size motorcycles in the market! 


Controls on the left hand grip includes the Hi-Beam/Lo-Beam switch, turn signal switch, and horn button. On the right hand grip is the engine kill switch, light switch and electric start switch.


Bright long lasting head and taillights provide a better visibility around the bike when riding in dark places. Wide sporty designed mirrors help with viewing your rear to monitor other riders while switching lanes or racing!

FALCON - 250cc

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