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The Flash 150 is an affordable Chinese scooter for your daily commute with the style and performance you’d get in a scooter twice the price! Featuring a fuel-sipping 150cc engine paired to a dead simple automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with no tricky shifter, the Flash moped is just as great for new riders as it is for people who’ve riden scooters for years. With a max speed of over 55 miles per hour and a powerful front hydraulic disc brake, this bike is perfect for the open highway as well as stop-and-go traffic in the cities. With its small manageable frame and spacious storage and rear color-matched trunk perfect for groceries or school supplies, the Flash is a great choice to hop on and go shopping or take to classes on campus! Twin hydraulic forks and dual coil-over-shocks in the rear make the highway feel smooth as butter, and a front hydraulic brake provides ample stopping power at all speeds. Your choice of several bright, glossy colors!

Flash 150 Scooter

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