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Enjoy quality family time with your own brand new go kart. Go-Karting is a fun and exciting family activity for young and old alike. Go-Karting is actually the world's most popular motor sport. Children and adults alike.

The aggressive 200cc 4 seater Hummer Style Go-Kart is an EPA and CARB approved off-road vehicle and can be legally registered and ridden as an off-road vehicle in all 50 States including California. This model features an Easy to Operate Fully Automatic Transmission. The Racing Style Independent Dual A-Arm Front Suspension and Rack & Pinion Steering provide superior handling and control through all terrain types. Large All-Terrain Tires for outstanding traction, come equipped with 4 wheel fenders. Other features include Front and Rear Luggage Racks, Mirrors, Bright Lighting, 3 Big Roof Lights, Sun Roof, Loud Horn... This hummer Go-Kart is great fun for The Family. This go-kart is built to the Highest Quality Standards, with Full Seam Welding and High-Grade Fasteners, it is comparable to name brand karts like Honda and GT Racing.

Hummer200-4 Seats

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