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 Ultimate Gas Saver! Up to 80 miles per gallon, fuel efficient and environmental friendly. Rugged Dual Rear Shock Suspension: Makes your riding comfortable on all types of roads and streets. Aluminum Wheels: These larger aluminum wheels enhance traction and cornering ability Upgraded Aluminum Muffler System. Easy to Park: Choose between the sidestand for quick stops or the centerstand, makes it easy to park anywhere. Comfortable Padded Seat: Riding should be comfortable and fun!

Wherever the Maddog goes, it always gets you noticed. With its Madmax design that includes wide tires, a minimal frame design and super bright headlamps. The 150cc engine gives you loads of power wherever you need to go with up to 70+mph speed, a fully automatic CVT transmission provides power you need and a rugged suspension make your ride comfortable and fun.


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