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The new Mudstar 200 is a fun, affordable mini bike motorcycle that brings offroading fun to teens and adults alike! A powerful 196cc engine can push this mini bike to a top speed of 25 MPH with a load of up to 220 pounds! An automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) handles all the hard work during shifting and provides even power and accelaration for maximum fun! Even with a smaller frame and 28.5 inch high seat, the Mudstar's front inverted shocks get over 7 inches of clearance allowing this little min-bike to tear up the trails alongside heavier full-size dirt bikes. Big 19 inch off-roading wheels really make this pocket bike a star in the mud! Comes with an easy-to-use pull starter and rear drum brake in a selection of fun, glossy color options.

Mudstar 200 Mini Bike

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