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If you are looking for a bike that does not require you to have a motorcyle endorsement, this is the bike for you! The Premium 50cc Ninja is what you are looking for. Sleek design and sweet color schemes, this bike will have you look twice. Upgraded fatty exhaust to provide a nice deep tone sound, upgraded carbon fiber rear view mirrors, lit-up digital speedometer and speed gauge. The Ninja bike provides the most effective cross-country fun and long distance riding with amazing performance. Always wear DOT approved helmet and safety gear (goggles, gloves, etc.) when riding. Title included for registration in USA!

The beautiful bike was designed to be perfect for every traffic condition as it uses an automatic CVT transmission, which makes it easier to control, and it makes it accelerate and decelerate faster. Lightweight, race-developed suspension forks provide excellent feedback and admirable performance while on rough roads, off the road, or while climbing; here-by shielding the rider from road induced bumps.


C.A.R.B approved and can be registered in the state of California.


Coupled with the high capacity starter motor, and a reliable high output battery, electric start also helps ensures that you can start your motorbike anytime with the use of a button. 


The 4-Stroke Scooter Engine comes standard with two overhead valves. This engine is originally found in the Elite and Spacey line of motor scooters. This makes it very easy to find spare replacement parts and upgradeable aftermarket parts to make your scooter different than everybody else’s.



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