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Introducing the  Roma 150cc Fully Automatic Motorcycle! Comes fully equipped with premium sport front and rear telescopic suspension for easy, smooth, and fun rides around the city! With its 150cc FULLY AUTOMATIC engine, enjoy this moped/motorcycle styled bike in residential roads and even highways! Also equipped with a large compartment storage for long rides and needed accessories to transport with you.

With its GY6 engine, reliability is maximized for not only better performance but a better quality ride. The Roma is well-suited for long rides to work and/or long joy rides to the park. This engine is releasing a 149.6cc power meaning it has a top speed of 65MPH and the Roma-150 is street legal in all states except for California! Adding to this, this bike is equipped with a GY6 CVT Automatic transmission for very easy riding and great for first time riders. 

This Hornet Retro styled bike has heads turning left right and centre! If you are looking for a super stylish and popular bike to ride around the city and can be pushed to its limit, the GY6 150cc Roma is the bike for you! 

The GY6 4-Stroke Scooter Engine comes standard with two overhead valves. This engine is originally found in the Elite and Spacey line of motor scooters. This makes it very easy to find spare replacement parts and upgradeable aftermarket parts to make your scooter different than everybody else’s.

Always wear DOT approved helmet and safety gear (goggles, gloves, etc.) when riding.

ROMA - 150cc

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