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LONCIN 686CC engine, liquid-cooled, single cylinder, four valves, SOHC structure (low intake resistance, high inflation efficiency, strong power), sharing BMW manufacturing platform technology, all-aluminum alloy cylinder block +Ni-SiC composite coating, higher wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, better heat dissipation.Patented HIGH LEVEL INTAKE TECHNOLOGY: high level circulation intake and CAE smooth optimization, greatly improve the charging efficiency of the engine.


Long endurance range

25L large tank capacity, providing a long range far beyond other brands of the same level

Comfortable experience

Multi-functional digital color instrument with a simple and clear interface design, you can easily control the vehicle information, driving more comfortable

Powerful scalability performance

Standard DC interface (15-A) and dual USB interface to meet the needs of daily electrical equipment

Ergonomic layout

Using EC (human engineering) technology analysis, the setting of riding posture meets the needs of more than 95% of people. PP-GF30 material rear backrest and bracket, fit back curve with excellent support, and improve occupant comfort.

Super towing capacity

3000lbs electric winch, controlled by the handlebar button, can easily clear road barriers or participate in rescue.

800kg (1760lbs) of traction, can use a front tow hook and a rear 2-inch trailer ball to solve the heavy drag at one time.



WolfX 700

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